Never Too Crazy to Read

The past four months have been the craziest of my life.

Take one couple’s residential pack-up and a move nearly 500 miles spanning three states, traveling in a small sedan with four dogs weighing a total of 130 lbs., and you have the setup.


Image courtesy of Morguefile free photos

Yet, mentally and physically exhausted at night, I continued my habit of reading a novel for at least a half-hour or more before falling asleep. Fiction took me by the hand and led me into worlds far removed from the stress of boxes crowding every room, dozens of accounts requiring changes, and last-minute veterinarian and doctor visits. Each fictional world–even an unfamiliar one–felt more normal than the real one I lived in and gave me a short period of peace and relaxation.

I’ve always loved books, but their priority struck me when I made a note (on one of many lists) to be sure to include my Kindle in the car with essential personal items in case the moving van arrived late at the new house. It was critical that I immediately have something good to read.

When I hear someone say life’s too crazy and there’s no time to read, I smile a gentle little smile and hope one day that person will discover the truth.

During which difficult times did you find solace in a book?

7 thoughts on “Never Too Crazy to Read

  1. As a matter of fact, I am totally with you on this post. It seems the more busy I get, the more I need some fiction time! Right now, I’m enjoying my audio books while I illustrate, work in the kitchen or drive around on my stops. Because by the time I get to night , my eyes are too heavy from the days activities to get past about 15 minutes before I’m down for the count.
    You will get there Cynthia!!

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  2. I like listening to audiobooks while driving and folding laundry. And, in answer to your question Cyn, EVERYDAY!!!

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