Fortune Cookies from God

The Bible is a collection of different types of literature: history, poems, parables, genealogies, and wisdom literature. The Proverbs fall in the latter category, and sometimes they read like something you might find in a fortune cookie. This collection of wise sayings can be serious, humorous, profound, or confusing, but they contain nuggets of wisdom.

Even though they are in the Bible, not all Proverbs are promises. Some are simply observations of what is generally true. A wise person learns the difference. A good rule of thumb is unless the sentiment is repeated elsewhere in the Bible, don’t take it as a promise. 

Today’s fortune cookie is brought to us by Proverbs 11:22.

FCfG Prov 11_22

Promise or generality? 😉

I’m sure everyone has met someone who would fit this description. The key is to keep from being that person. As you go through your day today, pray for discretion and avoid pig-snout adornment moments.

Peanut Lisa<><

Lisa Godfrees is on the hunt for the ever elusive-jackalope. She probably would have found one by now if she ever got up from her desk and ventured outside. When she’s not reading, writing, or mommying, she amuses herself by learning to draw. She’d be tickled turquoise if you’d connect with her on #Twitter or Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Fortune Cookies from God

  1. So did you draw the fortune cookies? Love the new peanuts avatar, btw. ^_^


  2. The one key here is that the Word of God usually confirms what The Spirit of God is working on in one’s heart. What many believers often don’t understand is the difference between the Logos (word) of God and The Rhema (word ) of God. Jesus is referred to as the Logos, but by definition logos or logia refers to concept\book. Rhema is specific and fits only within a certain time and specific situations.

    If you need computer help and ask me how do you “copy and paste” text, I could hand you the manual or start by telling you about binary numbers and coding. You will roll your eyes at me and walk away. Think of that as Logos, it is very useful and important for instruction, but it isn’t what you need. If I open a manual and high light a “how to” then stand behind you and walk you through the process several times that is a Rhema. In Romans we’re told that faith comes from the Rhema of God, and Hebrews tells us that the Logos is sharper than a two edged sword. You can’t have Rhema without Logos, but without Rhema you cannot grow in faith and please God.


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