A Rainbow Kind of Day


It’s been a rainbow kind of day.
Not the kind that have been splattered across social media of late.

You know what I speak of:
a spring day when a fine mist falls from the sky,
the clouds are dark and menacing,
yet the sun is still out.
A perfect day for a stunning rainbow.

I am at home in bed due to a brutal cold,
sadly missing my friend from high school’s wedding. 😦

This day is filled with a deep sadness,
crammed into the nooks and crannies,
hiding in the shadows.
My church is packed to say goodbye to Walt Hartholt after a year and a half fight with cancer.
Thankfully the church is streaming the service so I can still partake.

Walt was active in the community,
father, husband, principal, teacher and mentor.
He touched so many peoples lives  there is now a hole where he used to be.
There is a deep sadness at his passing.
But as I hear his family and close friends speak about his faith.
About his conviction that “God is good” even through this season.
I am struck by God’s faithfulness.

Through the sorrow and rain of today,
God’s rainbow, His faithfulness, stretches across generations.

I’ve felt like my life has been filled with bad news:
friends losing a child,
parents dying before they see their children grown,
families splitting.


It is enough to make me only see the dark clouds,
to feel the weight of the world and all its sin on my shoulders.

When I heard how Walt, even through the pain,
remembered God’s goodness and faithfulness.
This reminder filled my heart with joy.

Thank you Walt for this final gift.
That even through the trials and pains of this world,
as Christians our joy through it all remains like bedrock.

Like a rainbow,
more beautiful for the dark clouds behind.

“God is good…
it is well with my soul.”

Please feel free to share your “dark clouds” in the comment section below or just ask for prayer. I’d love to pray for you!

Karen deBlieck

Karen deBlieck

6 thoughts on “A Rainbow Kind of Day

  1. I am sorry to hear you are missing out on things because of a summer cold! The worst kind! I find that it’s within these valleys that we are closest to our God and our need for Him. And that’s where our faith grows! Walt Hartholt is a wonderful testament to this kind of discovery of how strong our faith is through the thick of it!!
    Thanks for sharing! My rainbow is me clinging to him even though I feel overwhelmed at times with my job!


    • It’s true Loraine. I never felt closer to God then when I was going through cancer. He definitely makes his prescence known in those valleys. Or it’s more likely that we take the time to quiet down and listen in those times when we need him. Praying that even in the overwhelming days that you find him in the little things. 🙂


  2. Wow, Karen. I can’t believe you’re sick! What a bummer summer (see what I did there?) you’re having.

    I love the dark cloud/rainbow metaphor. And I love the song “It is well with my soul.”

    Thanks for sharing. Love you!!

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  3. Great metaphor.. I love looking at rainbows against a storm cloud sky. Thanks for reminding us that storms in life have rainbows worth admiring also.


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