Don’t forget THANKSGIVING!

We gather together to ask the LORD’s blessings…

The countdown to Thanksgiving Day marches on here in the great U.S. of A. Yet the closer we get to the fourth Thursday of November, the visible traces of the upcoming holiday become fewer.DSCN5929

The fall/thanksgiving décor and supplies in many stores has already been downsized or put away all together to make room for items of an entirely different color scheme. A few items in all their brown/orange/earth tones glory grace the bottom of the clearance cart and, despite my sadness that Thanksgiving doesn’t get the attention it deserves, I happily snatch them up. Because Thanksgiving is in full swing at our house.

Come, ye thankful people, come, raise the song of harvest home; All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin.

On Saturday I rearranged the pumpkins adorning the front of the house in an effort to make them look more prominent and well… nicer. A few have showcased our landscraping just shy of file8521254958107seven weeks while the rest have stood guard for at least a month. Their bright hues have faded a bit. Some are riddled with the holes of rottenness—only visible from the back, of course. Several deemed too far gone found their way into the garbage. Those remaining, now dusted liberally with snow, will faithfully execute their duties until November 28—the day after Thanksgiving—at which time they will be relieved of their assignment.

Okay, okay, that’s a bit much, I know. But seriously, it seems every year Thanksgiving gets less thought and consideration. So for quite a while now, in protest of this chronic and worsening malady, Christmas is banned from our home until after we thoroughly celebrate and enjoy Thanksgiving.

Now please understand, we love Christmas too. Oh, boy do we! The decorating, the cooking and baking, shopping for gifts, and of course our annual Christmas picture and letter—the one my kids would weep endlessly about should we decide to skip it. Mmm, hmm. We go all out in celebration of the awesome gift of the Christ child—but not until Thanksgiving’s over.

The excitement of combing through recipes, planning menus and preparing shopping lists has begun for the three IMGP8302Thanksgiving Dinners we’ll share first with our church family then at two extended family gatherings. But tonight were feasting on all the fall-sprinkled pumpkin and leaf shaped sugar cookies our tummys can hold. No need for “DO NOT TOUCH” signs as this time these favorites are just for us—no special event or dinner or gift—just us. Yummmm…

2013_11_11_7382-1morgueI challenge you and your family to not skim over Thanksgiving in the rush to get the next, very worthy holiday. Savor the time with family and friends. Throw yourself into the celebration and take time to be thankful.

What’s your very best Thanksgiving memory?

5 thoughts on “Don’t forget THANKSGIVING!

  1. The thanksgiving when I was 14 and we got together with two other families from church. One f the dads set up an elaborate Thanksgiving Olympics where we competed at various games and races – even archery. Then of course a fantastic meal and movies for the kids while the adults did their thing. I’ve never forgotten how much fun that was.


    • Hi Sparks — What a great Thanksgiving memory! I love how the parents made it a “kid-friendly” celebration. I hope you make more great memories this Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I feel the same way about Thanksgiving! Even the weather around Chicago seems to be conspiring to push Thanksgiving out the way. With single digit temps and flurries, it’s looking a lot more like Christmas than Thanksgiving around here. Right now I’ve got fall colored leaves stuck on my classroom door, but it feels almost like I should be putting up the snowflakes already. A little more fall, please!

    As far as Thanksgiving memories, my favorite was the year my mom got breast cancer. No really. I wrote about it in last year’s Chicken Soup for the Soul: From Lemons to Lemonade. The story is now available for free on the Chicken Soup website:


    • Oh, AMY, what a fantastic story! I can totally see how that’s a memory you and your brothers will NEVER forget. Thanks so much for sharing the link.

      I’m about 4 hours from Chicago, and yes, this not-so-awesome blast of Arctic cold and wind have swept away all traces of fall. I second your vote for a little more FALL, please!

      I hope you have another memorable Thanksgiving and try to keep warm. 🙂


    • That’s an awesome story! And the best use of a gannt chart – I’d say that was the most efficient Thanksgiving ever!


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