Small Comforts


I’ve lived by train tracks all my life.
To me the long stretches of metal,
speak of both home and freedom.

When I was a young child,
the familiar tsing tsing of the wheels on the rails,
would lull me to sleep,
after the incessant taunting of my classmates.

I moved to another city,
but still the tracks stood sentry outside my window.
In the chill of the early morning I would follow them to school.
I left the tracks reluctantly,
to face the highschool halls filled with uncertainty.

In university and the first years of marriage there were no tracks.
On the days that were roughest,
I would jump in my green Tercel and visit the tracks.
They comforted me.

I am going through a busy time right now,
a product of taking on too many things all at once.
(I’m sure no one else EVER does that…lol)

Sometimes I can’t sleep…

All I can do is send up a prayer for peace
(and future wisdom to be able to say no…lol).

Then I hear the wailing of the horn in the distance,
and the house shakes gently.
My eyes slide shut as the clack clack of the night train sounds outside my window.

As if I’m being rocked to sleep by something much bigger than myself.
And I know that to be true…
thank God for the small comforts he gives us!

For me, train tracks have a comforting presence in my life. It reminds me of God’s constant presence…I know, a little weird. I never said I was normal. 😉 What little (or big) thing in your life reminds you of God’s faithfulness? Share with me in the comment box. I always love to hear from you. 🙂

Karen deBlieck

Karen deBlieck