ChristianFic – How Edgy is *TOO* Edgy

Disclaimer! This post contains potentially controversial—possibly offensive—ideas. Continue reading only if you’re prepared to take a risk!

Last week I read a current, best-selling ChristianFic book in which the narrator told us the main character was urinating. I rolled my eyes—did I really need to know that? After a double-take, I kept on reading.

Another ChristianFic best-seller I read in 2005 included a female character who had intimate relations with a male temple prostitute and drank to excess (among other things). I found it disturbing, but wanted to know how the character’s redemption would unfold. I kept on reading. Would you have kept on reading?

Deep down, I hunger to see depictions of God’s raw power, the things He’s famous for—actions that defy physics—and showdowns between angels and demons. Things the mainstream would label as Paranormal or Sci-Fi. I would read about that. Would you?

No names, please, but we’ve encountered ChristianFic publishers and agents who won’t accept manuscripts that contain topics like teen pregnancy, addictions, child abuse, or pre-marital sex—even though the purpose is to reveal God’s heart for lost sheep. And… one person’s idea of edgy may be tame by another’s standards. Would I read about things like this? Would you?

Some of us at The Scriblerians have been told we write edgy. Is there a market for us or should we sanitize reality to fit in? Tell us what you think.