Confessions of the world’s worst SuperMom

SuperMom - LG

If you’re like me, there are people in your life that amaze you.

I have a close friend who homeschools her eight children and makes it look easy. Wow.

There’s a sweet woman who works part time at our chuch who has sextuplets. I have no idea how she manages that! But she does – she says God provides, and I guess he’d have to!

If you notice, there’s a theme here. I’m in awe of women with lots of children who can get anything done, much less homeschool them. I am NOT gifted in those areas.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that there’s nothing that can make me curl into the fetal position and blubber like an idiot than the threat of being left alone with small children. My terror is directly related to the number of children, and indirectly related to their age. (To translate: the younger and more of them there are, the scarier it is to me.)

What most people see
What most people see
What I see

What I see

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love kids, especially my own. But there’s a reason why I don’t volunteer in the children’s ministry at my church. I tried it once /shudder/, and it went okay, but the thought of doing it again made me physically ill. I figured once I had kids of my own, it would get better. But you know what?

It didn’t.

It got worse. Once I had kids, I thought I should be able to handle it. That I should be able to single-handedly entertain and potty train a whole herd of munchkins. When I couldn’t, I labeled myself a failure and it spun me into a cycle of depression. The lies we tell ourselves do that.

The crazy thing is that some people see ME as SuperMom (bless their pointy heads) because I work part-time at our church, I’m a writer, I volunteer on 2 PTAs and with an online magazine as a production manager, I do consulting work, my husband and I lead a Bible study group… you get the idea.

Apparently, I make all these things look easy, and that gives the wrong impression that I’ve got all my stuff together. Which I absolutely do not. You would know that in a second if you saw the mess that was my house. Want proof? Here’s the Christmas wish list my youngest child made this year:

2014-12-12 08.02.50

#3 is on there because I’m horrible about going to the grocery store. (There might be kids there!) Minion 2 sometimes has a hard time finding something she likes for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or…/sigh/

Here’s the thing: all of us are uniquely gifted by God. Managing little children is not one of my gifts, but organization and administration is. So to people who aren’t good at organizing or managing things, I look like SuperMom. But to me, people who unconditionally love kids – each and every one, no matter race, color, creed, or disability – I’m in awe of them.

So I’ll make a deal with you. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to one another, and start celebrating the unique people God made us to be. And if you see someone doing a great job at something, make sure to tell them! Because you can be sure they’re failing at something else. 😉