Flawed Heroes

Used to be that heroes were either really good…
or they were broken but fixable.
Or if they were too broken to be fixed,
they were made examples of.


Think of the grand exploits of him…

Or the morals from this story…

Or the upright choices of this man…


Heroes were heroes.
They knew right and wrong,
and the reader was given a very clear message:
THIS is how you should act,
not THAT way.

Some Christian novels are still written this way.

the tides are turning.
Most likely as people step away from God,
and towards moral ambiguity,
the worlds view of “heroes” have changed.

There is the extreme like the TV show Dexter,
which showcases a serial killer,
who kills only bad criminals.
So many shows that glorify the horrific,
or the amoral person just trying to make it through life.

But there are others that intrigue me.
Ones that aren’t depraved.
Ones that are flawed,
but the author does not want to fix them.

Think of this man:


Witty, charming, and extremely intelligent.
But emotionally scarred,
socially awkward,
and…well…sometimes downright rude.

But people love it.
I love it. 🙂
Flawed characters that you root for,
but part of their charm is their flaw…

Perhaps a piece of us likes to see others with imperfections,
and know that we aren’t the only ones who aren’t perfect.

Currently I’m writing about a “bad boy” in the Bible.
Fascinating to see how God still used him for His plan,
inspite of his imperfections.
If he can use that Bad Boy then I know…
He can use me. 🙂

Can you think of a flawed character in a story that you really enj0y watching? What intrigues you about them? Love to hear from you. 🙂

Karen deBlieck

Karen deBlieck