GOD’s Timing is Perfect

ScribcolumnAs I journey through the most intriguing quest of my life, I am keenly aware of GOD’s timing. No…no… it’s more than that.

I am in awe of how HE is orchestrating and arranging and fine-tuning the unfolding of this story.

Someone, probably several “someones”, many years ago, made a gut-wrenching decision—to leave a three-day-old baby on a door step. To walk away and never know what became of this life. I was that baby.    (see “The Making of a Family…)

the door where I was found

And now, only two months after learning of my “foundling” beginnings, it appears I am on the cusp of discovering the WHO and the WHYS surrounding that decision. Through little effort on my part, GOD has opened doors and stirred memories and so divinely put the right people in the right place at the right time. Incredibly kind fellow Christians who are praying along with me for HIS will to be accomplished.

Because HE’s GOD.

memeMy curious, dig-for-the-details nature is, to put it mildly, restless. I’m trying very hard to be patient and continue to wait on GOD’s timing. HIS faithfulness soothes my anxious spirit. HIS hand print has been so evident, how can I choose to do anything but step back and allow HIM to work?

For three weeks, the message on the church’s sign has been, “GOD’s TIMING IS ALWAYS RIGHT”. So very true.

The pastor’s devotional at last night’s meeting was on how GOD opens doors.  Mm hmm…

And a new friend I’ve met on this journey shared yesterday— The details never escape an Omniscient God…every detail has His print upon it. Very well said.

GOD is all over this situation. Obviously.

This “slice” of my life comes as no surprise to HIM. HE already knows how the entire “pie” will fit together.

Just as HE’s held my life in his hands for these many years, GOD’s got this new leg of my journey as well. Updates on the quest to follow…

When has GOD’s timing been so evident in your life?

Beth is passionate about seeing GOD at work in the “slices” of every day life AND about the saving of sex for marriage. She believes strongly in accountability and mentoring and considers herself a cheerleader for “renewed waiting” too. Because SEX is worth waiting for. She’d love to hear from you! Comment here OR email her at waitingmatters@gmail.com. Connect with her on Facebook at Beth Steury, Author.

7 thoughts on “GOD’s Timing is Perfect

  1. I’m so excited for you as the pieces fit together in your search for answers. What an incredibly uplifting trek to see His imprint all over each step! You go girl! Can’t wait to hear what happens. (Okay, yes, I can wait, but with jitters!)

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  2. Take good notes, this could be a great story in the making.

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  3. That’s very cool to hear! How exciting and nerve-wracking!

    Right at the moment and the past few months have been some of the biggest “God’s timing” moments of my life. From following God’s lead to put our house on the market back in January to being under contract in less than seven days and then receiving confirmation that Hubby’s job was ending in April as we had suspected was coming. From not having any idea where we would be moving less than four weeks before closing to having a new job in another state with just enough time to get out of the house, sign the papers and move. To my husband’s feeling God’s lead to apply for a state scholarship that I was convinced was beyond reach and actually getting it and having our daughter enrolled in a school that was voted in Dec2015 one of the top 4 private schools in America – something that we are confident God put into place for her learning disabilities. The only piece still waiting to fall into place is Hubby getting a job and after all the perfect timing so far, I am confident it will happen again.


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  7. Your story was very touching in every way I must say it really is heartfelt and I can relate to it in more than one way but to say the least I really enjoyed it and I pray that God continues to bless you with all of the blessings that you deserve to have in this life because he is a very compassionate giving understanding showering us with mercy and Grace God that will never give up on us and will never leave us astray I hope that one day you’ll find the perfect atmosphere the perfect environment in a perfect situation that you will be able to rejoice and know that he is God all by himself as yours being still allowing him to have his way in your life and I look forward to reading many more of your stories and hopefully you and I can become friends because you are indeed especially young lady that I would love to get to know be blessed


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