Getting There

photo by Gretchen. E.K. Engel Redington Pass Road near Redington Pass

Write, Run, Live – Embrace the Challenge

On Monday, I wrote on New Authors’ Fellowship about the struggles I’m having in the writing journey right now. Read: mailbox full of rejection letters. Because this is Write, run, live – this post focuses more on goals and encouragement. The first is what I need to do. The second is how others have blessed me.

It’s the first of the month. That means two things things. Stay away from Walmart and the monthly Scriblerians Google Hangouts call. These guys (more specifically gals and guy) serve multiple purposes in my life. Encouragement, accountability, and inspiration.

So what am I supposed to do?

1. Set Goals

Right after our call last night, up went a post listing our September goals and where we were with them.

My September goal is to finish (or come close) to finishing this re-write. I want to be done no later than mid-October so I can plot my NaNoWriMo project.


2. Enjoy the Journey


While I’m going through a rough time in my writing, I’m also enjoying other aspects. Growing my social media presence including figuring out the coolness of Instagram. I can see why this is where the cool kids hang out. Short posts that can go to Facebook and Twitter (triple threat) and there are pictures! Snapchat is a bit trickier but even this old dog has figured it out (sort of).

Writing is a big part of my life but not the only part (good and bad). My day job is going really well, and I’m busy being a football mom. It’s my son’s first season, and it’s a lot of fun. I’m also training for my second half marathon this year.

3. Encouragement

It seems like every time I’ve been frustrated or discouraged, someone else posts about a new contract, signing with an agent, or receives compliments and requests for full manuscripts from a publisher. That sounds like this would be the last thing I’d want to read about. It’s quite the opposite, each one has described how long it’s taken them to get to this place or they’ve had multiple rejections or they’re really good friends and I can’t help being happy for them. Knowing that I’m not the only one is very encouraging.

4. Praying for pavement

photo by Gretchen E.K. Engel Redington Pass Road near Tucson


Putting the journey to publication into perspective helps. I know that God has a purpose for the path I’m on and the pace I’m going. Also, I’ve renewed praying about my writing. This is something that’s honestly been lacking lately.

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