I Love to Wear Red, White, and Blue

AmericanFlagWaving   Whoever chose the colors red, white, and blue for the American flag—thank you! I can’t think of a more cheerful combination of tones for a flag.

But that’s not all.

I love to wear red, white, and blue. Together or separately, and not only on national holidays. It seems I’m not alone.

Red is a popular color in women’s clothing, and if a woman wants to attract a man’s attention, well, wear red.

I don’t know any woman who doesn’t have something red to wear at Christmas or for Valentine’s Day. Men wear red on those occasions, too.

Businesswomen and female public speakers sometimes have a red power suit. It commands attention. Men wear red ties.

Red signifies fun, passion, strength, vitality.

White always marks an occasion as joyful, an ensemble as special. White signifies purity but also looks cool and glamorous.

Brides in western cultures have worn it for centuries. Gowns for formal events often appear in white. White is used for christenings and other religious celebrations. And for sports like boating and tennis.

When asked for their favorite color, the majority of people mention blue. That’s especially true of men.

Look in a man’s closet. My husband always has more blue shirts than any other. When we shop, he gravitates toward the blue clothing (and sometimes green, which contains blue). He looks great in blue, and I always compliment him.

But blue looks good on everyone. Find your best blue by holding fabrics near your face. Which blue makes your skin look healthy and your eyes sparkle? Pale aqua, royal, or deep navy?

Do that with red tones. Do you like deep cherry, bright berry, or fire-engine red?

Now pair one of your favorites with white. You’ll have a winning combination.

What is your favorite combination of colors to wear?


Wearing red! Cynthia



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