Save the Bell Bottoms, Trash the Tube Top!

In keeping with Kathrese McKee’s idea of writing a letter to my younger self, I have decided to continue. Only, I’m writing to my seventeen-year-old self instead of the fourteen-year-old version. I went through the biggest transition of my life at seventeen. All through high school, decisions were made for me and my goals were set by someone else. Suddenly I stood on the edge of my future with no one but me calling the shots. Exhilarating freedom, with a huge side-order of fear.

Loraine at 17

Dear Loraine,

First and foremost, stop comparing yourself to others. That girl you think has it all together: looks, brains and a hot guy? She’s as human as you are and is headed for 3 bad marriages and a few other bad choices. And the hot guy? At the 20th grad reunion, he was single and embarrassed himself and everyone else by flirting madly with all the gals. Totally unattractive.

But really, the quicker you realize it’s not about how you look, (because that changes) the happier you’ll be.  And luckily you settle down with someone who loves you. And that’s the very best you can hope for. I won’t tell you how you meet, but don’t underestimate car rallies. Nuf said…

And don’t think babysitting other peoples’ kids will be like having your own. As much as you loved those kids, another whole world opens up and there will be no boundaries on how much you will be able to love your own. So scrap the idea of having no kids in the future.

Beware of that religious group that has no affiliation with a church. Scary stuff!  Mom does have the right instincts on that one. Listen to her!

Please, don’t let the cat sleep with you. I took years of desensitization shots to get over our cat allergy. And also, take better care of our back. Leave the 75 lb. bales of hay for others to drag around. This back won’t last us till ninety if you keep thinking you are super woman!

Much to your surprise, we turn out just fine. The dead-ends and detours are actually moving us forward. They are God’s ways of teaching us some things about ourselves and our dependence upon Him.

Oh, and keep your bell-bottoms, trash the tube-top, don’t buy the Vauxhall, don’t wear the friend’s jade neckless to the dance, believe in your dreams, and get rid of your eyelash curler.

Can I clarify the bell bottom suggestion? For females, the fashion comes back, but, thank heavens, not for men! Seriously is this a good look?


And, one more thing. Love yourself more. God knew what he was doing when he made us! 🙂


Your older self.

What would you have told your seventeen-year-old self?

10 thoughts on “Save the Bell Bottoms, Trash the Tube Top!

  1. I like the bell bottoms for guys, just not the plaids. The hats and platform shoes need to fade away and never come back.

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    • Ha ha, I have to admit, it’s hard to get past the plaid and vests, but once you do, I suppose it’s not too offensive. But the really wide bell bottoms? I really hope they never come back. But If i had to choose between them and the low-flung-see-the-butt look, I’d have to choose the bell bottoms.


  2. Yes, I guess they are comfortable though. I can’t speak until I’ve tried them I guess. I see the acid wash jeans have arrived again.


  3. So good, Loraine. Ah, if only real life would allow us the luxury of advising our younger selves. 😉

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  4. I actually kind of like the plaid bell-bottoms of the 70s. I stole a pair of my mom’s and wore them in college. The leisure suits and polyester in general. Not so much.

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    • Heh heh, I liked them too, back then. And on women much more so. But with the big cuffs on the bottom and the clompy platform shoes, I’m hoping they don’t come back for men’s fashion. If they do, perhaps the disco ball will make another showing too!


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