The things we do for our kids


This is what happens when your husband goes to the grocery store and buys an after-Easter rabbit on sale and your daughter asks you to put antlers on it.

The Easter bunny turned jackalope happened yesterday. How could I say no when my daughter asked me to turn her bunny into a jackalope? Where there’s a will (or an idea), there’s a way.

So I took a scroll down memory lane this morning and found pictures of all the strange “fixes” I’ve had to do to toys over the years. I hope you enjoy. What’s the strangest thing you’ve had to do for someone?  (Tweet this)


This is what happens when your daughter’s favorite Barbie, Cheetah Girl, loses a hand. She becomes Pirate Barbie! Arr!


This is what happens when Cheetah Girl #2 loses a hand (see the blue hook) and also loses a leg. You make her a hook hand AND a wheelchair. I offered to make a peg leg but my daughter told me no. /shrugs/


This is what happens when your dog eats the horn off your daughter’s unicorn. You make a prosthetic horn. Looks like a little party hat, doesn’t it?


This is what happens when the same dog, a few days later, eats the eye off the replacement unicorn. You make a patch and voila, a pirate unicorn.

And a couple of fun projects revolving around wardrobe.


When you want to go as a fairy for Halloween, Grandma makes dresses and Mom makes wings.


Camp shirts for Glow in the Ark. 

2015-05-28 07.18.54-2

When you want to dress up as Abe Lincoln for a school project. Before you ask, the 16 is because he was the 16th president. 😉

And, remarkably, all of these requests have come from my youngest daughter. She thinks outside the box and apparently believes her parents can fix anything. It’s interesting to me how sometimes all you need to be creative is for someone to challenge you to do something you never thought of. (Tweet this.)

4 thoughts on “The things we do for our kids

  1. You’ve got a very creatively-minded daughter! Wish I’d thought of that before we tossed that Barbie two weeks ago who’s light-up leg had broken at the knee. 😉 The creative things I’ve done for my munchkin centered around birthday cakes and making her bedroom curtains. Oh – I sewed her a dress last year, too. We couldn’t find a pattern we liked so I winged it. It turned out pretty well except the sash… satin is evil stuff! 😡

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