What Do I Call this Thing?

Dancing up a stormThe topic of titles came up this week in a couple of different places. I’m going to use this topic as a shameless plug for my latest short story. It’s part of a dance-themed anthology published by Hope Springs Press for the Writers on the Storm ACFW chapter. The story  anthology is called Dancing Up a Storm, and my story is called “Night Dance.” It’s loosely based on the obscure fairytale “Kate Crackernuts”. My version features Elves and Pixies in a steampunk setting. The heroine is a nursing student and the hero an industrialist’s son. The title comes from the reason the hero is ill. He goes on a quest to find his birth parents and discovers his heritage.

Other inspiration I’ve used includes plot points. My first short story was “Neatly Arranged” and is about a lawyer who is forced into an arranged marriage. I’ve done setting a couple of times. My second short story, “Detention,” focuses on both the setting of high school detention and the condition of expatriates denied visas to return home. “The Field Trip” was recently featured on the Splickety Lightning Blog.

Word play is probably my favorite. My Splickety short story,”The Watchmont,” is a science fiction version of the Good Samaritan and the title is based on the etymology of Samaritan. My soon-to-be-released story for the Realm Makers anthology is “Undermined”and revolves around the mining industry.

Another Scriblerian and I are involved in a massive rewrite. We are currently brainstorming potential book and series titles.

My series has the working titles of Acid, Catalyst, and Precipitate. All have a chemical theme and relate to the heroine’s journey. She’s an acid-tongued girl in the first. In the second, she’s used as a catalyst by her enemies to bring about the end game. Precipitate is about the final mission and its fallout.

I recently had Acid professionally edited, and I’m rewriting it. Because of the changes I’m making to the story, the heroine will be in a different place spiritually and the acid-tongued persona no longer fits. Her wit is still caustic, so maybe I’ll just raise the pH a bit when selecting a new title.

But we’re not the first ones in the group to do this. Cynthia Toney’s debut novel Bird Face was re-released with her second novel. I loved the title Bird Face, but it came out with a new title that I think is even better, 8 Notes to a Nobody, which matches perfectly with 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status.

How important is a good title to you?

Have you ever selected a book because of its title?


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