New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I get to set goals and plan out the new year so it’s perfect that I’m on deck today. Yup we’re pretty close to the ball dropping and I’m just now posting this. You can guess “be more punctual” isn’t on my list. I don’t do miracles. However I’m always open to Divine intervention.

Last year my word was “perseverance”, which turned out to be very useful for 2015, a challenging year for me to say the least.

It’s also been a successful year in both my professional life and my writing career. I have some exciting new projects at work. I also had two short stories published, one in the Out of the Storm anthology and one in Havok magazine. I also had two more short stories accepted for anthologies and one that is going to be featured on a blog.

But other goals, namely fitness, fell by the wayside.

The beauty is that each January 1 we get a do over. My husband and I are starting out the year with a gym membership. We’re going to a place that tracks personal records, which is perfect for me.

I also have quite a few spiritual goals namely more consistent Bible reading and prayer time.

How did your 2015 measure up?

What are your 2016 goals?


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