Modesty – It doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means 

If you’re one of my Facebook friends, you already know this. I rail against the modesty movement. Mostly because of the whole one-piece suits only rule common in youth groups. 

One reason was because it wasn’t easy finding a suit that fit. I have a long torso for being as short as I am. Secondly, I honestly wanted to highlight my best feature – a flat stomach. Not in a sexy “come hither” way but in a way that someone dresses to highlight long thin legs or muscular arms.

Maybe the second reason is wrong because modesty includes dressing so you don’t draw attention to yourself. And that’s kind of my point. Is wearing a flattering swimsuit at the beach any worse than wearing nice pants and a turtleneck? What about wedding dresses? Do we sin because our dress is designed to make us look beautiful.

I think modesty is being inappropriately dressed for the situation.

Recently I went on a business trip and opted for a button-down top and skinny jeans, something that would be appropriate for a casual meeting and one of my favorite combinations. However, I thought about the client and the location and realized it wasn’t the best choice. I opted for regular jeans and a plaid shirt which turned out, as I expected, to be the perfect choice.

This week I’m on the road. We’re outside, so it’s cargo pants and layered shirts. I even have my coveralls for chilly mornings.

How do you define modesty? Is it what you can or can’t wear or is it dressing for the situation and the comfort of yourself and others?

6 thoughts on “Modesty – It doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means 

  1. Modesty: behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.

    Personally, I like tankinis best, especially fork ids. Easy to get on or off if you need to use the restroom, generally don’t have a plunging neckines or legs holes are cut up to the waist.

    Modesty has nothing to do with dressing to the situation, it has everything to do with the avoidance of impropriety or indecency.

    The problem with calling attention to yourself because of how you dress can be an issue of pride/vanity as much as modesty. Keeping in mind that men’s minds work like a visual rolodex and that the brain automatically subtracts 2-inches from the clothing line, how appropriate is that swim suit or miniskirt or tank top?

    And please, no tube tops. They don’t look good on anyone.

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  2. During the sixties and seventies, the granddaughters were told by our parents to dress more modestly around our grandparents. Bless them, they would be sickened by what they’d see today, just going to the grocery store.

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  3. I’m afraid I disagree with your definition of modesty. I had to mull this concept over for twenty-four hours before responding.

    I can be inappropriately dressed by wearing a turtleneck sweater and sweatpants to the beach on a ninety-degree day. That’s not immodest. (Foolish, but not immodest.)

    There’s a fine line between dressing to attract attention and dressing in an attractive fashion. My instincts know the difference, and most men know the difference, too.
    Once upon a time I had this beautiful dress. Fantastic color on me. Hugged my curves, but covered me from knee to neck. My husband wouldn’t let me wear it to church. He didn’t want me distracting the men from worship. But he was proud to have me wear it out to dinner. Looking back, if it was too distracting for church, it was too distracting for a fancy restaurant, too! Deep down, I knew I attracted attention.

    Other dresses also looked good, but didn’t draw the eye in the same way. That was dressing attractively.


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