The Power of Football

Power of Football

Texas A&M vs. Auburn Oct 2015

I’m a Texan. Born here, went to college here, still live here. When the air turns crisp and no one can breathe because of all the ragweed in the air, something magical happens.


Football is a religion in Texas. You can worship Friday night (high school), all day Saturday and sometime Thursday night (college), and Sunday and Monday (pros). People change which church service they attend depending on what time the Texans/Cowboys play on Sunday. Out of town trips revolve around away games. Children are banished to the upstairs TV so parents can eat chips and queso and yell for their team. And if the game is really big, sometimes you don’t invite other people over so that you can be grumpy and yell at the refs and coaches without anyone to witness your bad behavior.

What is it about football or any other professional sport that inspires such fantastic fanatics?

Coming together with >104,000 of my closest friends.

Coming together with >104,000 of my closest friends.

As creatures, we were created for a purpose–to worship our Creator. To come together as a group for fellowship and to cheer for the good guys. To lend our voices to proclaiming Truth: that in the end, our team will be triumphant.

We need to believe in something larger than ourselves. We crave the camaraderie that comes from like-minded individuals. The Aggies have a saying:

“From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”

That’s a good descriptor for Christianity too, isn’t it?

Some would argue that football is an idol. That can be true, but it depends on the individual. There is a power behind football that, like anything else, can be used for good or for evil.

This past Monday, I went to see the movie Woodlawn with some of our church staff.

Coming off the Aggie’s first loss of the season to the University of Alabama, it was a bit hard to watch such a pro-Bama movie, but who doesn’t admire Bear Bryant?

Woodlawn does a marvelous job of integrating the draw of football with the power of the Gospel to show how Jesus can turn around any situation and person.

The movie is based on a TRUE STORY. This isn’t one of those made-up football teams and fantasy premises. This is how a football team’s conversion healed an entire city in Alabama’s racial wars in the early 1970’s. This is how people in the right position can look past society’s biases and stand up for God’s truth to bring powerful change.

Woodlawn is funny, entertaining, and inspiring. I can’t say enough good things about it. Go and see it while it’s still in the theaters. We need more movies like this.

NOW YOU: Favorite sport? Favorite team?

6 thoughts on “The Power of Football

  1. I come from an extremely unsports family. The only sports we watched growing up was gymnastics and ice skating – but we loved the athletes and knew all their names and had our favorites for sure. I managed to get through college only attending a single basketball game and it was only the second game I’d ever seen. (I’ve seen a grand total of one other since!) The only soccer I’ve seen was the time I was babysitting and had to take the kid to his game (and his siblings to watch). I find football mind-numbingly boring to my hubby’s sorrow. Oh, and when I volunteered at World Relief we took the kids to an Atlanta Braves game once – that was fairly fun but not enough for me to seek it out ever again.

    I’m still not big into sports but a friend introduced me to hockey a few years ago and I became quite a fan of the local team. She was paying so I didn’t have much reason to say no. And I ended up liking the pace of the game and that there wasn’t a lot to understand. But I have conflicted feelings about liking it considering the bodily damage it inflicts on its players, especially on their brains. (Extremely similar to football)

    My hubby on the other hand has been a Dolphins fan since before I met him, though he’s not very pleased with them due to their behavior lately…


    • My dad watched football growing up. That and him working on cars are some of the only memories I have of him. So I grew up thinking men should like football. Then in high school, I was in the band, so I never missed a game. Then I went to Texas A&M where football is HUGE. And my husband is, of course, a football fan as well. He used to play high school ball. I love watching games with him. ❤

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  2. Favorite sport: football. Baseball a close second.
    Favorite team: Colts.
    Hmmm. Two Indiana responses, and neither of us chose basketball. I only watch March Madness.

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  3. Oh, the movie sounds good too. Several Christian movies out lately that I want to see. Wish theaters were closer to us–we would go more often and support these great stories. I especially LOVE true stories.


  4. Although most of my extended family loves football, I watch it only in small doses when my husband watches it on TV. (I did attend a recent high school game a teenage family member played in.) But there is no denying what that sport and other team sports do to close the divide between races, religions, and cultures. I’d love to see that movie. I’ve watched more football movies than actual games.

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