Decisions, Decisions

Yesterday I shared a twist on the red pill/blue pill choice. Taking the red pill meant you got to erase all of your past mistakes. The blue one was for $15M.

It was an easy choice for me. I picked the blue pill. My rationale was that I hadn’t made $15M worth of mistakes. Also, I feared a Back to the Future situation. What if correction of a past mistake meant I married someone else or didn’t have one or both of my children. I’ll gladly take the consequences of any mistake if it means I get to keep these aspects of my life.

What surprised me was how many people chose the blue pill. The general response was that we learn from our mistakes and they make us who we are. Of course a few opted for the “do-over”.

Of course this is theoretical but there’s a “purple pill” option. It’s faith in Christ. No, it won’t erase your past mistakes but it will release you from them. It won’t give you $15M or even $0.15. But John 10:10 promises an abundant life. A life of joy that doesn’t depend on money or even a spouse or children. It’s a life that only depends on your relationship with The Savior.

And while I ended on a serious note, I still have to ask, red pill or blue pill? Do over or $15M?


10 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I wouldn’t want a do-over. Curious as I am about certain choices, I wouldn’t want to part with my hubby & daughter for anything. And $15M sure would be nice but I wonder how that would change us, too. I’m prone to anxiety and as wonderful as it would be to have certain things no longer a worry, I’d rather continue depending on God than risk my relationship with Him.


  2. There was one major thing in my life I wish I would’ve done differently but to change it would result in changing some good things too. So, I would take the blue pill. The money would allow me to benefit others while I’m alive that otherwise must wait until *later*.


  3. Blue pill for me. The red pill would erase my mistakes and leave me wide open for a whole other series of mistakes. And I’d still be poor!


  4. I’ll just stick with the purple one. 😉


  5. If it’s a choice ONLY between blue or red, then it’s blue for sure. But PURPLE will get us further than any amount of money! 🙂


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