Off to a Good Start

I’m here! I arrived in Saint Louis for the Realm Makers conference yesterday around dinner time. I hadn’t planned on arriving early, but it was the blessing of waiting to register. Most of the Thursday flights were booked by the time I made my reservation.

Originally I imagined being by myself for the evening. Those plans changed when I connected with a fellow early attendee. There ended up being a big group of us. We had a great time eating some seriously good barbecue.

I know I’m going to enjoy every aspect of the conference: meeting new people, reconnecting with those I met at ACFW 2013, meet with editors and/or mentors, learn from the classes, and basically soak up every moment of this great opportunity to spend time with my people.

Expect to see more Realm Makers related posts from us because 55.6% (5 of 9) of us will be together this weekend.

Now I’m just waiting for the rest of the Scriblerians to arrive. 

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