Is This Your Child?

My heart was heavy when I saw this video. I really identified with its message. Have a look…

I was born and raised on a farm loving the outdoors and playing non-stop with my horses, cats, dogs, and friends on our property. I wasn’t into sports as much as our kids, but still preferred to be outside rather than inside, and invented very simple games to occupy my time.

But today, to be completely honest, I do enjoy my time in front of my screen, with FB, emails, or whatever. I can certainly see the draw of watching youtube videos and movies, but can’t say that games are much of a temptation.

Our kids’ generation’s screen habits started gradually, but have burst into their lives with video games and phones. We tried to limit our sons’ time on the computer when they were young and they didn’t own phones. And it worked most of the time. But when they went over to friend’s houses, how could we control that? Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but kids are almost considered weird if they don’t have phones. (I won’t go into that personal pet peeve)

I feel that this draw also takes them away from reading, and as a writer, I wonder how we can recapture their hearts and time. We as parents can try as much as we can while our kids are at home, but what happens when they leave? I am trying to picture how these kids who are hooked on games etc. will bring up their own kids. I have confidence that there will always be kids in sports etc. and I am encouraged by commercials on tv. about trying to get our kids off screens. And I know that many kids are able to moderate their time on screens. But there is much that we can’t identify with as adults who weren’t raised with these temptations. There is the world of difference between how we spent our time as kids, and how our kids spend their time.

Can I safely say that if I was raised today, I wouldn’t be hooked on screens too? I can’t, in all honesty.  I doubt it, but I will never know.

As a blog writer, I feel that I should have some answers, but all I can do is present the very complicated problem, and offer what we did as parents. I’m very interested to hear what your thoughts are on this!!

5 thoughts on “Is This Your Child?

  1. I read this post via email so I didn’t get to see the video until today. Oh My Goodness!!! What an important message.

    My children swim and play with friends, but they do a lot of sitting around playing video games and watching TV. Time to do a better job of making a conscious change.


    • HI Lisa,
      I do understand that to be completely unknowledgeable of games and online technology would also open kids up to a certain amount of ridicule and/or loss of friends. But as you say, if they are sitting around the house in front of screens while it is great outside, then changes have to be made. However, like I said, you can implement a few changes while they are younger, but when they leave home and are studying somewhere else, the temptation to ‘grab a few games’ in between studying is huge. (Believe me I know!!) Hopefully we have done a good enough job in instilling a healthy way of life, with exercise as part of it! But we did that, so go figure…

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  2. I agree it is something we need to watch and monitor. But I think it’s more difficult that it was back then, too – things aren’t as safe out there as they used to be. Finding a balance between too much indoors time and safe outdoors activities is a real hurdle.


  3. Speaking of, we had a friend showing us an app on her phone last night that shows the constellations as you hold the phone up to the night sky. Very neat. It made me think how, while technology has gotten too dominant a hold on us, there are certain aspects that are very cool.


    • Hi Sparksofember!
      Thanks for your comment! I completely agree that some apps are mind bogglingly amazing. And technology of this kind has become so much part of our lives that to do things without them would seem pretty silly and archaic at times. But I do agree that now it is much harder to monitor than before. And kids can become preyed upon and bullied without our knowing. I guess it comes down to having a really good relationship with our kids to help then guard against danger both indoors and outdoors. But even so, I have to say that while I brought both my sons up in a similar fashion, one is not really impressed with online games and movies and one is. Why the difference? They are both very intelligent and social people, so I’m not exactly sure. I know that both my sons will find a balance eventually, but I know some who haven’t. And they have become a bit reclusive. But perhaps they would have anyways, in some other form. Hard to say…


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