Looking back and moving forward

Scriblerian New Year

Working at a church, even part-time, has caused December to fly by in the blink of an eye. For me, it’s the busiest time of the year. I log more hours at work during a time most people have off, but it’s more than OK because I love my job. ❤

I also enjoy my on-the-side author gig. And the full-time wife and mom gig God has blessed me with. (I tried to find a way to write the sentence without a preposition at the end and I just couldn’t do it. #abjectfailure) As our local radio station has been pushing this season, “I choose joy.” And joy is a choice, my friends. 🙂

But what I wanted to do with our first post of 2015 is to look back and by doing so, make plans for the future.

As a group. the Scriblerians published 111 posts in 2014! It’s useful to determine which posts and categories proved most popular with our readers, so here are the top 3 posts by author including the top 6 overall for 2014:

Lisa Godfrees

#1 Confessions from a junior high Bird Face (no doubt gawking at my awful 8th grade picture).

#4 Worth the Wait by Laura Jackson

Orphan’s Song by Gilliam Bronte Adams

Gretchen EK Engel

#2 Interview with Nadine Brandes

Seeing Through Stones by Rajdeep Paulus

Interview with Dawn Crandall

Beth Steury

The EXTREME JOY of Parenting Teenagers

Review of “Dating Like Airplanes”

Do you do Halloween?

Loraine Kemp

God is a Writer and a Disc Jockey?

But God, I had other plans!

Interview with Bird Face’s Author, Cynthia T. Toney

Karen deBlieck

#6 Welcome Jill Williamson


Flawed Heroes

TJ Akers

#3 Were Rudyard Kipling’s Stories Racist?

I have a Secret: My Marbles are Old.

When Books Become the Enemy

Linda Samaritoni

The Bronze Bow

The Killilea Family: In Everything Give Thanks

Meet Mitali Perkins

Vanessa Morton

#5 ChristianFic – How Edgy is *TOO* Edgy

Fay Lamb takes us behind the scenes of the new Valentine Novella

Noah the movie: fairy tale, bible story, entertainment, or truth?

Cynthia T. Toney

Why I don’t give 1-star Book Reviews

Where’s the Passion?

The Mother-in-law Tongue

And now, a couple of questions.

FOR MY FELLOW SCRIBLERIANS: Were you surprised by which of your posts were most popular? How do you plan to use this information going forward?

FOR OUR READERS: What types of posts do you like best? And what do you think of our new look for 2015?

16 thoughts on “Looking back and moving forward

  1. Hello, Scriblerians! I get your blog posts via email so I had to click through to see your new design. 🙂 I really like your avatar pictures, but you can’t read the subtitle of your blog (the part that I believe is supposed to say, “For non-adults of all ages”). Although I don’t always get to comment on your posts as much as I’d like, I’m happy to be following you guys into 2015!

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  2. Lisa Godfrees, I don’t know why my particular three were good performers, but I plan to work in the word “confessions” in a future post!

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  3. Lisa, Last year, I decided I wanted to contribute for the most part by presenting older and classic books to those who might never have heard of them before. By purposely not dealing with the “latest” in YA and Christian lit, I realize I may never get on our Top Ten, but I still feel it’s a valuable contribution and will continue in 2015. I am a teacher – in a classroom, writing an article, a book, or a blog. Get ready for Hinds’ Feet In High Places for Saturday’s lesson!


  4. I was surprised at which ones rated the highest. 🙂 My goal is to be more consistent for 2015. I’ve decided to commit myself to this blog and another “joint blog” with a bunch of Canadian authors. Currently, running my own blog is too much of a commitment and I’d rather spend the energy on writing my novels. My number one post was for a book review…do those tend to rate the best?? Perhaps I should be doing more of that??


  5. Am I right in thinking that most of the earlier posts were sent to fewer people so naturally wouldn’t reach as many or get as many replies? How were the more popular ones decided? Thanks for sending this out BTW!!


  6. I like the layout though poor Beth always has a date tag over her face and Loraine is hiding. 😉

    I have to say I’ve enjoyed the variety of posts here. Certain posts may generate higher views but the variety keeps me from getting bored! ^_^

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