One Year, 27 Days, and Counting

Last year I jumped on the whole 30 days of thankfulness bandwagon that’s popular on Facebook. For me it grew wings. I decided why not keep going. For the past 392 days, I’ve posted on Facebook every day something I’m thankful for.

There were big things like my cousin’s wedding and my grandfather’s 90th birthday. I took the time on my other three grandparents’ birthdays to honor their memories even posting a couple of photographs of my other grandfather. He passed away my freshman year in high school so I didn’t get the years with him that I did with my other three grandparents.

I’ve also posted about little things like scoring coveted slots for swimming lessons for both kids. Seriously, those spots go faster than Black Friday TVs at Wal-Mart. Daily disposable contacts that I save for travel, Starbucks Via, and Mini Moos made my page on while I was on vacation.

I know there were variations on the same thing – a good run or workout, a successfully baked pie, or encouragement from a friend. My husband and kids made a lot of them as did the rest of my family.

It was also a way for me to celebrate life. Date nights and girlfriend outings nearly always made the list. As did a cool new work project, finishing my first half-marathon, publication of one short story, and when another story placed in a contest.

The past year has been a most ordinary one. The thing that struck me most was that it was so much harder limiting my posts to one thankful item than it was finding something to be thankful for.

So what is it you’re thankful for today? I challenge you to think about this every day whether you post it publicly, write it in a journal, or keep it to yourself. Give thanks!


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