Summer Grinch




“Incoming!” said my son peaking through the window.

“What? They’re early!” I stared in horror at the kitchen counter. The fruit salad ingredients for the brunch still took up about half the surface. Okay, to be honest, our guests were on time, but since when does my family arrive on time?

During my preparations for summer guests, my family usually cleared out of my path, unless of course I’d already roped them into vacuuming, cutting up veggies or cleaning the bathrooms.

Since the beginning of summer, we had not only entertained many guests who also loved the Okanagan, but had been on some amazing trips, and enjoyed family outings to the beach or hikes to the surrounding woods.

How could I ask for more? Right?


The first signs of trouble came when I snapped at my son after he’d accidently tipped over his glass of juice. The next victim was my poor husband who’d underestimated the time needed for our automatic sprinkling systems in our flowerpots. Routine chores like laundry and washing the dishes were becoming far more irritating as well.

My family was starting to avoid me. I didn’t like me either! I was becoming the summertime Grinch!

When I slowed down to pay attention to my moods, I realized there was a void in me. There was a need that wasn’t being met, an unsettling emptiness. Then I spotted my daily devotionals and my computer. A thin layer of dust had settled on them.


Many times in the morning, instead of spending time with my devotionals, and then on my computer happily writing, I’d glance at my emails and check out my Facebook messages. Then I’d speed off to my other activities, promising myself that I’d spend quality time with God and my writing later on. But rarely did that happen. By the end of the day I was exhausted, and would merely laze around with the family or watch a movie.

But God was part of my life and he had made me creative, and to deny myself time with both felt like a tiny pin-prick each time I did it. And over the span of a month or so, I’d felt enough pin-pricks to be rather grouchy at times. A void had opened up in my life and it needed to be filled again. I needed to be more disciplined and let God start off my day once more and to direct me in my creative endeavors. He was like an elixir for my spirit.

For me, mornings were the best for my time with God. I was wide awake then and able to process and absorb His words. The night’s rest had renewed my strength and I wasn’t rehashing the day’s events. I was reminded of a verse where God was calling Moses up to Mount Sinai.

Exodus 34: 2 Be ready in the morning, and then come up… Present yourself to me…

 So, tell me. How has the summer’s disruption of routine affected you so far?



10 thoughts on “Summer Grinch

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Your post has described me exactly. And lately, I’ve had trouble getting to sleep I’m so wound up. So I’ve taken to reading the Word in the evenings because it calms me and allows me to relax enough to sleep.


    • Sleep? What’s that? Add on a bit of jet lag on top of being wound up and I’m usually wide awake at around 3:00 a.m. That’s a great idea about reading the Word just before I go to sleep! Must try that! I’ve also found magnesium citrate and melatonin good additions for trying to get some much needed down time. Hubby is out in about 10 seconds… now matter what! 😦


      • Sleeping is not usually something I have a problem with. I’m pretty sure I could sleep 24 hours straight if given the opportunity. I think I’m part cat. Except for recently…


    • Lisa, I don’t think it helps when the sun comes in the bedroom about 5:00 am! Or when your kids are romping about the house in the summer time! I hope you have found the answer to your uncatlikeness!


  2. Loraine! I thought you were perfect! Silly me. Nobody’s perfect but we all try, don’t we?


    • I hate to let others see my underbelly, but yes, it’s true. I’m not the expert homemaker, mother, author, illustrator, super fantastically amazing person you all thought I was… 😉 But I only slip at times so others don’t feel so bad. :D!!!


  3. Great post, Loraine. I routinely test how many things I can cram into one 24 hour period. Not wise… but I keep doing it. Down time is important. Spending time with the LORD is crucial. And for us writers, taking the time to work on whatever writing project is filling our mind is necessary for our mental and emotional health. I feel undone and restless when I don’t get to “be with” my story and characters. Here’s to keeping it all in balance!


    • I think that’s a woman thing, trying to cram as much in 24 hours as is possible! It comes with multitasking as well. The problem is that often we are like ships with no rudders when we attempt to do it all without spiritual guidance. But like you, my characters literally demand some quality time too. (oh, yes, and so do our kids and our husbands, mothers etc… ) I’m so glad I have friends who understand me! 🙂


  4. Summer disrupts my routine? Yes, it has – in totally good ways! I’ve spent time with family, met up with old college friends, and reconnected with my husband. Did I get much writing done? No, but I have so many ideas to integrate into current WIPs! My roommates got all excited about the possibility of being a source of a plot for a future novel. They gave me permission to incorporate their stories! I refuse to feel guilty about not maintaining my routine because I am energized and raring to go!


    • I totally get feeling energized after seeing friends and family! That’s all part of summer, right? And it’s paying attention to relationships that make us good writers, I feel. And I can see it in your writing that you have used your wealth of relationships for good stories. (Thanks heavens people don’t mind being sources of stories) It’s when I get really REALLY busy that I start to leave out some important relationships, like the one I have with God. 🙂
      So glad you had a good time with your college buddies! Good to keep those connections!


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