The Great American Teen  In honor of Independence Day (one of my favorite holidays), I’d like to celebrate the American teen! Just in case you thought American teenagers might become a generation of lazy, rude, uncultured couch potatoes…

According to the website, when teenage high school and college students were surveyed in 2013,

60.4% of them planned to spend more time outdoors than indoors during the summer.

38% of teens surveyed planned to READ nine or more books during the summer. (I’ll do the math: that’s an average of three books per month!)

During the school year, 77.7% of teens said they read at least one book per month for personal pleasure or that isn’t required.

When asked the question “From which do you draw the most inspiration or have your biggest ‘Moments of Awesomeness’, teens ranked the following from highest to lowest:

Reading and Writing #1

Music #2

Nature #3

Exercise & Sports #4

Religion #5

Food #6

91% of teens said that civility, manners and etiquette are either “very important” or “important” in their lives.

And for teenagers surveyed regarding their feelings of patriotism:

90% loved their country, although 64.5% had been ashamed of their country at some point.

88.7% felt that serving in the military is a patriotic act.

62.8% recited the entire Pledge of Allegiance when it was being recited.

64.5% could sing the entire National Anthem.

And–83.5% considered themselves patriots.

Here’s wishing all teens and those who care about them (that’s practically everyone!) a happy and safe July 4th.



6 thoughts on “The Great American Teen

  1. Very encouraging to read. If all we did was listen to the news, we’d never know that we are surrounded by wonderful people — our future leaders and future parents of the next generation.


  2. I’m a military brat so maybe that’s why I’m highly opinionated in politics but also incredibly patriotic. I still to this day think movie theaters should always start each movie with the national anthem playing, like they do on military bases. Anyway, I took my 10-yr-old daughter to see Tops In Blue perform Wednesday night. I haven’t had the chance to see them in years but I grew up watching their performance annually – one time on the actual 4th of July and just as they were ending the show with patriotic songs, fireworks started going off across the bay. *awe* I realized as we were watching that I want to make sure Munchkin grows up with the same strong feeling of patriotism I was raised with. Watching movies like Tora, Tora, Tora and The Great Escape and The Bridge On The River Kwai, etc. And an appreciation of her grandpa’s and great-grandpa’s and uncles who have fought and suffered for their families and this country. It’s in her blood and I don’t want her to forget it!


  3. I too was encouraged by this article.


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