My Hero

gretjeffThis picture was taken 15 years ago today. The day I married my hero. When I wrote my last post on heroines, I didn’t realize I would be writing about heroes on our 15th wedding anniversary. My plan was to write about my ideal hero. And I kind of am. When I first started writing, my husband asked if he could be the hero of my story. When I told him what happened to my hero, his response was “you’re dark”. So how does the love of my life fit into my hero mold? On appearance, my husband has tall, dark, and handsome down. And yes, he pretty much looks the same 15 years later. See photo 2.


The real hero is on the inside. This is where my husband shows up in my writing. The intelligent and hardworking man who respects others. The Godly man who has loyalty to his friends and family in spades. The fun and funny guy who every heroine wants to be around.

When it comes to literary heroes, my favorite is Gilbert Blythe from the Anne of Green Gables series. He’s funny, level-headed, intelligent, and handsome. More importantly Gilbert complements Anne. That may be the most important thing. Compatibility with the heroine.

Here are some of the heroes I’ve read lately and what I love about them.

Jill Williamsons’s Safe Lands Series Captives and Outcasts has three heroes: Levi, Mason, and Omar. Levi is a hunter, leader, and provider. He’s also harsh and exacting. Omar is a sensitive artist but also impulsive and immature. Mason is a doctor which is a profession that is demanding and one considered women’s work. He’s an outsider and a bit naive. He’s also my favorite of the brothers.

Charlie West from Andrew Klavan’s Homelanders series is another great hero. He’s an honor student and black belt. Intelligent, resourceful, and brave, Charlie runs from both the law and terrorists.

Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars is a different kind of hero. He’s philosophical and humorous. He brings out the best in Hazel, the heroine and is an encourager to his best friend.

Who are your favorite heroes in literature? Do you have a “type” whether it’s when reading or writing?


8 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. I’ll name the first one who comes to mind, although I have many others: Ari Ben Canaan from Exodus by Leon Uris. He is a hero who is a leader, can think under pressure, has the courage to face impossible odds because it’s the right thing to do.


  2. I’m with you on the whole Gilbert Blythe thing. If I had found a guy like that .. . well, I wouldn’t still be single, that’s for sure! 🙂


  3. My favorite hero is my husband 🙂 In every story I read, I find myself comparing the men to my guy. Likewise, he is the inspiration for creating strong male characters in my own stories!


  4. I like confidence in heroes. Integrity & chivalry, too. Someone dependable & trutworthy. I’m blessed to have a father like that. And a husband who is the same.


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