Twins: Terrific or Terrifying

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I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have an identical twin.

Twins I’ve seen in real life or in photographs look like some of the happiest people on earth. To have someone at your side from birth who understands you better than anyone else must be a fantastic feeling.

However, the idea of having a twin of my own scares me a little. Would I see one or more character flaws I didn’t know I possessed reflected in my twin?

Movies and television have certainly portrayed the evil twin. But rather than a truly evil one, a sibling who starts out with the same genetic material as our own and then is influenced by its environment makes more sense. Twins don’t necessarily want the same things or go about getting them in the same way.

Vanessa Morton

Vanessa Morton

In Vanessa Morton’s Moonfall, the characters Rachav and Zaron are identical twin teenage girls living during the time of the fall of Yericho (Jericho). Each thinks the other should desire the same kind of life she does. Each sees the difference in her twin as a flaw. I think it scares them both. But the love is still there.

Moonfall will transport you to a time and place that is richly textured and historically fascinating.  And you will find that girls will be girls, and twins will be twins, even in 1406 B.C.

Have you ever wished for a twin? Are you one?

15 thoughts on “Twins: Terrific or Terrifying

  1. I longed for a sister my entire childhood, not a twin specifically, but I wouldn’t have complained!


    • Beth, I’ve heard other women say the same. My two sisters are so much younger than I, I still wished for a sister or brother closer to my age.


    • Beth, I would have liked a twin, but would have settled for a sister, too. I went to school with identical twins and they tried very hard to not look alike. One was neat and nicely-dressed, the other wore jeans and tennis shoes and left her hair wild.


    • A year or so ago, I realized my daughter won’t have the pleasure of having a sister. Something I took for granted growing up. Now, my sister is the closest person I have to a best friend.


  2. I enjoyed Moonfall, even if it was, sigh, a romance. Still, I love historical fiction. Especially when all the little details in the settings are truly period related. This is truly a unique period. It makes me wonder what the sequel would be. Daughter of Rachav?


  3. Brilliant, TJ. Maybe she will have a daughter!


  4. I’m sure you all knew that I’m a twin, although, we couldn’t be more opposite. My twin is a tall male with blue eyes, and is anything but creative. Even though we are rank opposites, we are very close and are getting even closer in our later years as our kids are flying the coup. Even so, I have to say it’s my kids, husband, Mom and Christian girlfriends who are closest to me, right now at least!


  5. I have 2 younger sisters and two younger brothers (no twins in the family tree whatsoever). Never wished for a twin. Maybe I would have if I hadn’t been surrounded by siblings. I spent more of my childhood wishing for alone-time than wishing for companionship! 😉

    My mother-in-law is an identical twin. Though I didn’t know it when I first saw the two of them together. You can see it in pictures from their teens and early 20s but they look very different from each other now. I should ask her for stories and her perspective on being a twin!


  6. Cynthia, thanks for featuring Moonfall!


  7. I thought it would be cool to have a twin. As an adult, I kind of do. My sister and I look more and more alike as we get older. Also the four- year age gap shrinks.
    Growing up, I had two sets of twins as friends. One identical the other fraternal but looked a lot alike.

    I wanted twin children but with quite a few friends with twins, I’m glad mine are singletons.


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