My not-so-secret life

ImageOnce upon a time, not so very long ago (3 years and 6 days to be exact), I was a forensic scientist (white lab-coat guy from CSI). My buddies and I analyzed evidence to locate bodily fluids, obtained DNA profiles from them, drew conclusions, and wrote reports. We even testified if the case went to court (most do not). Cool, right?

A lot of people think I should write stories about forensic science. And maybe I should. As cool and interesting as I find DNA, I can’t help but think any story would be better if there was a dragon involved. Or mermaids. Maybe a dryad – half-human, half-tree DNA. Now that would be something! What would the DNA of a vampire or a werewolf look like? Those are the stories I would like to read. The genetic basis of superhero mutations. How did that spider become radioactive? The phylogenetic tree of elves, humans, dwarfs, hobbits, orcs, and ents. Oh my!

But seriously, on my site (, I’m taking questions. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to ask a forensic scientist, I will answer your question in the comments or in a blog post. So drop by and let me know what you’ve always wondered about.

And here tell me: what are your favorite kinds of stories to read? Are you like me and think any story would be better with a dragon? Do you like mysteries? Thrillers? Realistic fiction? If you could read the perfect story, what would it be about?


2 thoughts on “My not-so-secret life

  1. It’s realistic fiction for me mostly, but a touch of the fantastical is cool too.


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