Vote for our short stories!

I’m not spamming you.

At least, I hope you follow our blog because you have an interest in what we write. It can’t just be for the pictures; they’re not that great.

Karen deBlieck and I are giving you the opportunity to read some of our stories for free. Yes, that’s right. They’re only a click away… The links are in the titles below.

One more thing…while you’re there, if you like what you read, please give them a green “thumbs up” to vote for them and any of the other stories you like. You can vote for as many as you like.


Talking Drum by Karen deBlieck

photo credit: emilio labrador via photopin cc

photo credit: emilio labrador via photopin cc

I love Karen’s writing because it is rich and poetic. She paints an amazing picture in 1000 words, don’t you think?


Healing Time by Lisa Godfrees

photo credit: Ollie T. via photopin cc

photo credit: Ollie T. via photopin cc

This story is Steampunk-lite. A bit of clockworks and a larger than life metaphor – can you find it?


Shadow Play by Lisa Godfrees

Shadow Play

Shadow Play

Inspired by Genesis 3. If you’re a crier, you might need a hanky for this young adult short.

Thanks for supporting us.

And now, tell us what you think about short stories. Do you like them, avoid them, wish they were longer? Do you buy anthologies? Do you like short stories by authors whose longer fiction you’ve enjoyed? Or are they just something you had to read in school? Inquiring Scriblerian minds want to know.


2 thoughts on “Vote for our short stories!

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out Lisa! I loved reading your stories and it’s a privilage to call you my writing buddy. 🙂


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