No Foolin’

So, how do you celebrate April Fools’ Day? Do you plot, plan and scheme how to “get” someone really good? Maybe you step warily throughout the day to protect yourself from being “got”.


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I knew someone who, as a lover of April 1st foolishness, went to the office with mismatched clothes, worn inside out and backwards.  A funky hair style completed the very unprofessional look. Most people she encountered that day simply stared, looked away and then stared some more. No one vocally attributed her appearance to April Fools’ Day. I don’t think anyone commented at all. But, man, did they stare. Not exactly the reaction she was expecting. She wanted people to laugh and say, “Good one.”

It can be great fun to pull off the ultimate prank. Not usually as much fun to be the one getting pranked, but even that can be entertaining. I don’t, however, recommend announcing a pregnancy on April 1. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone having a heart attack! I know someone who did that. Not a good idea.

We don’t always have to look to others to fool us. Some of us do a pretty good job of that on our own. How? By allowing ourselves to believe stuff that isn’t really true.


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One of the biggies that “gets” a lot of people is falling for the lie that I’m too ___________ (fill in the blank) to change or to straighten out my life or do better. Too messed up, too far gone, too old, too weak, too addicted, too alone.

Not true. Not true. SO not true.

If you’re a teenager it’s a safe bet that you’ve made decisions that you regret since entering the –teen years. Sound judgment and wise decision-making often escape teenagers. It’s too easy to follow the crowd, to make spur-of-the-moment decisions, to give into the curiosity to try “it”—whatever “it” is—just once. And before you know it, you’re in way deeper than you ever thought possible. One bad decision followed another and another, and wow, you can barely remember how you got to this unpleasant, maybe even unsafe place you’re at now.

Don’t be fooled into letting one or even a hundred crummy decisions determine your future.

You CAN change. It’s NOT too late. There IS hope.

The consequences of your choices may linger… maybe for a long time. But that’s no reason to continue down that same unhealthy, dangerous, unwise path.  Turn around now.

Hopefully you’re lucky enough to have parents or grandparents you can go to with the issues in your life. If not, look to a teacher, coach, pastor, the parent of a friend, a doctor or nurse. Look for as long as it takes to find a trusted adult who can help you get back on the right track.

No matter how deep you’re in or how far from where you ought to be, don’t be fooled into believing your fate is sealed.

Image courtesy of Bulldogza /

Image courtesy of Bulldogza /

It is NOT a done deal.

You CAN still have a bright future.

Please don’t let your past make your future decisions.

It’s okay to fall for those common but annoying April Fools’ Day jokes. Enjoy the lame pranks. Have a good laugh.

Just don’t be fooled into living in the past. Today, make the CHOICE to leave the past behind and move forward.

2 thoughts on “No Foolin’

  1. We must never allow our past to dictate our future, but that can only happen when we have learned from the past.


  2. So true, Tim. Unless we LEARN and then make CHANGES, the past will often make a reappearance.


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