Human Wisdom vs. Faith (Are we like ants?)



“John! The ants have found their way into the house!”

It was springtime and all manner of creatures were waking up and going about their business of finding food. Unfortunately the food for these little voracious creatures had been found in our pantry. The ants not only had found their way in, but they boldly chose none other than our front door as their entrance. After foraging around our kitchen, they gathered near the door with crumbs too large to go out their exit.

Determined to defend my pantry, I sprayed an ant deterrent around the front door. For the next few days, I was pleased to see that I had prevented their return. However, undaunted, soon they found another way in near the front door. In a rage, I dashed to our local building supply and purchased a myriad of ways to eradicate these little menaces. I was not going to be dominated by them! I sprayed the whole perimeter of our house, and put many different types of bait out for them. I triumphantly declared a victory after about a month of no recurrence. Either they had found less invasive ways of feeding themselves, or they were history.

When they were denied entrance the first time, they probably thought it a huge misfortune, and set about finding another way to get what they so strongly desired. This was met with their demise, or at the very least, a serious setback.

I was reminded of a wise phrase I’d heard many years ago: trying to explain God’s ways to us is like trying to explain the Internet to ants.

How different from the ants were we, when we have stubbornly pursued a direction that was a huge mistake, even though the short-term gain looked so enticing?

So often our unanswered prayers distress us, and we refuse to look at the possible reason they haven’t been answered. Perhaps the direction was not a mistake, but there were things we needed to learn first. Either way, God is never late in bestowing blessings on us, but the blessings may come in very different forms from what we’d prayed for, and in His time, not ours.

So, have you ever had something seemingly horrible happen in your life, only to have God show you a totally wonderful new direction?



4 thoughts on “Human Wisdom vs. Faith (Are we like ants?)

  1. Yes. Some of the worst times in my life were God trying to get my attention. Now, I try to pay REALLY close attention to Him. LOL

    But seriously, the hardest times are the times when God feels most present and coincide with HIm bringing me closer. That’s not to say that I enjoy hard times, but in retrospect I wouldn’t choose to change what I’d been through.


    • Yes, I totally agree Lisa. I find I’ve done most of my faith growth and personal growth in the ‘valleys’ of my life, not on the mountaintops where everything is great. (Hence my other post, ‘Why can’t God Use ice Cream as a Tool to Shape Us?”) I’m so astounded at how many of my Christian friends have had horrific things happen in their lives. So I’m sure that I’m no exception to the rule!


  2. OH- and I thought your post was going to be about us needing to be as persistent in seeking God as ants are to get to our pantry. You fooled me!


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