Back in November, I required towing.

It’s a new year. A great time to set resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that we often propose a grand sweeping change but don’t have steps to achieve it. What you need are goals not resolutions. And don’t just repackage your resolution as a goal. “I want to start running” is a great goal but is it achievable and how do you know when you’ve reached it? Goals need planning.

Of course, there’s a method and a cute acronym. SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. A better goal is “I want to run the 2015 Rock and Roll Half-Marathon in Phoenix”. That by the way is my goal. The 2014 one is tomorrow, so I have a year.

It’s specific. I want to be able to compete in an event.

Measurable. In October, if you said I’d run two miles. I would have laughed at you. I ran four on Wednesday. For me, I’m creating my own timetable with plans to run a couple of 5K and 10K events this year including a mud run in August. I’m researching training strategies to increase distance and speed.

Attainable. I’m starting a year in advance. Plenty of time to work up to this. I can’t remember the minimum time-frame but deciding in December 2014 for January 2015 isn’t long enough.

Relevant. I’ve been trying to get in shape. I love being outside. And now that I’ve actually tried it, found out that running isn’t so bad and it’s a great time for me to focus on God. I pray, listen to praise music, and enjoy His creation.

Time-bound. I have one year. As soon as I get a list of local events, I’ll plan for ones I want to do and will set goals for them such as time or if it’s a 10K, make sure I can run the distance.

Do you have a crazy dream? Make it specific, set measurable benchmarks, tweak it to be realistic, decide if it’s something you want to do or will be beneficial to you, and set a deadline. Remember the words of Paul to the church in Corinth. He told them all runners run but only one receives the prize. We are to run to win. And to do that, athletes exercise self-control. We are working not for a medal that will tarnish but a permanent reward. We must run with purpose, discipline our bodies. And like Paul, I’m saying this to myself as much as you lest I be disqualified. [my paraphrase of 2 Corinthians 9:24-27 based on the ESV]

What are your goals for 2014?


8 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Waydogo Gretchen!!! I’m so proud of you!!! I used to run too, but now I’m trying to save my knees for the rest of my hopefully 30 years or so! But you go girl, enjoy!
    My goal/dream/yearning/obsession is to be published at the end of 2014! And yes, like you, I’m building the blocks slowly with the goal in mind!


  2. SMART. I’d forgotten about this method goal setting. Running is SO NOT me, but I can and should use this method to create some writing goals. Working toward something feels good AND produced better results than doing nothing! :O


  3. Gretchen- it’s funny but I always thought you were a runner. Your just built like one. Loved the post and the acronym is clever.

    Goals…I’ll have to give that some thought. I did resolutions this year – no sweets (desserts or candy) and no candy crush. So far so good. But you’re right, I need goals too. You are so #SMART!


    • No. I just know how to dress like a runner. 🙂 When you saw me, I was seriously out of shape. I’m not any smaller just more muscular.
      SMART is not my invention. It’s corporate speak.
      I can do the food journaling thing but not giving up sugar (or Candy Crush). Wow! Way to go!


  4. Go, Gretchen! I’ve run two half marathons and one full. I stick to shorter distances these days, but I’m so glad I ran the marathon back in 2003. It was an awesome experience and definitely one of those cross-it-off-the-bucket-list experiences!


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