My Christmas Favorites

christmas tree  I can still hear their groans years later. As December 1 neared each year, my anticipation for all things Christmas multiplied by the hour. Oh, the kids didn’t mind my enthusiasm for decorating the house, baking dozens of cookies, indulging in an assortment of holiday shaped and colored candy, and shopping for Christmas presents—especially those from their detailed lists.file8521285682176

What they moaned endlessly about was my love of TV Christmas movies and specials including Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and any of the many Walton’s or Little House on the Prairie episodes. Even better—or worse for them—the nightly programming a particular network aired as “The 25 Days of Christmas” each evening at the same time throughout December.

I love Christmas music, too, from the golden oldies to the newest tunes. But my announcements of “let’s listen to Christmas music”  aren’t met with the appropriate enthusiasm. I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone. It’s not like I pop in the Christmas CDs every week.


In fact, we reserve all things Christmas until after Thanksgiving, not only to promote the importance of Thanksgiving but also to preserve the specialness of Christmas. Even I would get tired of all the trimmings and the merriment if the celebration stretched too long, say beginning in early October. This lover of all things Christmas knows that too much of a good thing—even an amazingly great thing—is never good.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, I’ve noted some of my favorite songs of the season along with a Youtube link.

“This is Christmas” by Kutless (,

“How Many Kings”  by Downwhere (

“Christmas This Year” by Tobymac (

“The Gift Goes On” by Sandy Patti

“Come on Ring Those Bells” by Evie (

“The First Noel” (

I’m hoping my hectic schedule slows down enough for me to watch at least a couple sappy… oh, I mean, touching Christmas specials. I’ll have to announce my viewing plans a couple hours in advance to scare away the nay-sayers. Then I’ll be able to snuggle under a warm blanket and watch in the peace and tranquility that all great Christmas specials deserve.

What’s your favorite Christmas song, movie or TV special?

12 thoughts on “My Christmas Favorites

  1. You Christmas song list made me look up this one: One King by Point of Grace. A must-listen if you haven’t heard it.

    Beautiful post about Christmas. We enjoyed watching some Christmas favorites with the girls tonight. 🙂


  2. Favorite movies – It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story
    Favorite songs – What Child is This?, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Silver Bells, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire), and Song for a Winter’s Evening (Gordon Lightfoot or Sarah Maclachlan version).


    • I must confess I’m not a fan of old movies, especially black and white, even if they are Christmas ones. But A Wonderful Life is certainly a classic. My husband chastises me about this flaw all the time. Wasn’t familiar with Song for a Winter’s Evening–am listening now. Very nice.


  3. Songs – 12 Days of Christmas by Reliant K, We Three Kings, Rudolph (Gene Autrey),
    Movies – The Christmas Carol (Alistar Simms), It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th, Meet Me in St. Louis, White Christmas (1954), Elf,


  4. I loved the music of every genre that my folks would play – I’m addicted to their collection of Mannheim Steamroller, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and various Christian artists. And I enjoyed the TV specials – Charlie Brown, the old classics of Rudolph & Frosty. And we grew up watching older classics so I still love White Christmas & Holiday Inn. The Santa Clause joined the list once it came out. (But I have never yet seen A Christmas Story and every commercial I see just makes me want to watch it less.) But I remember the annual torture my dad would put us through every year. 😉 He just relished family time watching It’s a Wonderful Life, The Bells of St Mary’s, Going My Way, and Lilies of the Field. I’m pretty sure a few of those aren’t even Christmas films. He had to coerce us into watching them. Though now that I think about it, I almost want to watch them again for old-times sake…

    One of the best Christmas tv movies I ever saw (& it’s been years) was the McGee & Me Christmas episode. I love Carol of the Bells and I remember that song featuring prominently, too. I love most old Christmas hymns – O Holy Night, What Child is This, etc. Also Mary Did You Know, A Strange Way to Save the World, Breath of Heaven & Saviour’s Day (the old Sheila Walsh version).

    My favorite guilty-pleasure Christmas movies are not very Christmasy – While You Were Sleeping & Holiday in Handcuffs. I also like The Lemon-Drop Kid, Trapped in Paradise, Planes Trains & Automobiles


  5. You left out the part we groan about the most….the classic Christmas photo!

    I saw your Christmas CDs today while I was painting and I briefly considered hiding them. Count your lucky stars…..


  6. I loved “The Gift Goes On.” When I taught fifth grade, I used to accept any volunteers from class, and we would perform it ourselves for the school.


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