Give Thanks

If you’re reading this because the parade and football games aren’t cutting it for you. You’re hiding from your [fill in annoying relative]. Or you finally have a few minutes after mandatory family time, and you’re sneaking off to catch up on your favorite blog. Whatever your reason, Happy Thanksgiving! Or Black Friday Eve, if you’re Canadian. Do Canadians celebrate that? I don’t know. I’m pretty sure getting up early to fight mobs is something Dante wrote about in The Inferno.

I’m not exactly a follower, and I’m usually a bit reluctant to follow Facebook trendiness but this year, I was drawn into posting something I’ve been thankful for every day. My first three days started out with the obvious, God, my husband, and my kids. But my following posts gave me some liberty. Some have been traditional, my grandfather on Veteran’s Day, my parents on Dad’s birthday, and friends on a friend’s birthday, which happened to be a couple of days after mine. On my birthday, I thanked God for my health. But I had fun with situational ones. I thanked God for things like my Nespresso machine on a day when I needed caffeine as much as oxygen. Another day, I posted about Carharts when I had to do field work in forty degrees and wind.

This prompted me to go beyond 30 and each day post on Facebook or maybe Twitter or both something I’m thankful for every day. Because really, God is the God of blessings big and small.

What is something “small” you’re thankful for?


6 thoughts on “Give Thanks

  1. Yes, I’m taking a break from feast preparation. A little thing I’m thankful for: it’s little in the sense of non sensational. While I was cooking, my grown son comes up to me to discuss God’s attributes. I am SO thankful for sons who love Jesus!


  2. I am thankful that God isn’t done with me yet in this life and there are still more things for me to accomplish.


  3. I’m thankful for the wonderful friends I’m getting to know in the Scriblerians!! Plus pumpkin pie, Roast beef and yorkshire puddings, and my mango hand cream (no, I’m not eating it)


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