Kerry Nietz tells all…with an Amish Vampires in Space sneak peak

Kerry Nietz, before we can talk, you’ve got to sign our author slam book!

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 Nickname – These days, I mostly answer to “DAD!”
Genre – Science Fiction
Personal Philosophy – In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.
Fave Scripture –Cast your care upon the Lord, He will sustain you. He will never let the righteous fall. (Psalm 55:22-23)
Fave Quote – We walk from here…
In high school I was a… friend, but shy.


Kerry in high school

Amish Vampires in Space is Kerry Nietz’s newest novel.

I reviewed the book previously, and have described it as strangely plausible (and really good). Want to know where Kerry came up with the idea? Read all about it in his interview.

Still can’t decide if it’s the right book for you? How about we take a sneak peek at the first page?


Jebediah had a secret.

It was a weight, really. Something the songs of church service couldn’t lighten. Even daily prayers and scripture reading were no help. It was always present. Always hidden.

“It is Gelassenheit,” his father had said. “Surrendering yourself for others.”

So Jeb bore the weight. It was God’s will. Like Abraham tying Isaac to the altar. We hold the knife with the faith that God will stop us from using it.

With a groan, Jebediah pushed his way out of bed. Beside him, Sarah sighed and rolled his direction. Even with the passage of decades, she still appeared as beautiful to him as when they married. A day twenty years ago now. Her in a simple white dress and kapp. He in his best black suit. Family and friends, similarly attired. A simpler time. A happier time. An early spring.

Before the secret had passed to him.

“Is it morning so soon?” she whispered.

Jeb smiled. “Ya, it is.”

She made to get out of bed, but Jeb frowned and held out a hand. “Stay in,” he said. “At forty, you’ve earned a few more minutes.”

She put the back of her hand over her mouth and yawned. “So much to do today. The Troyers need breakfast. And Eli will need help with that baby. And the garden.”

Jeb glanced out the bedroom window. The sun had not yet begun to rise. And neither moon. Only a few distant stars and the mass of what was commonly called the Morning Nebbit.

Still very dark. That was a comfort, at least.

Excerpt used with permission. All rights reserved.

So, dear readers…who wants to win an e-copy?

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Drawing to be held on December 1.

8 thoughts on “Kerry Nietz tells all…with an Amish Vampires in Space sneak peak

  1. Kerry, thanks for stopping by. I bought AViS last night and can’t wait to read it! Being from Indiana, I am quite familiar with the Amish.
    And two comments on your sweatshirt.
    1. Go Boilers
    2. I would be more than happy if OSU does to its next two opponents what it did to Purdue.


  2. I really dislike vampire stories, but there are two “guilty pleasures” that I will admit too. MY SWORD HAND IS SINGING by Marcus Sedgwick and the movie LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Sedgwick uses all the original vampire folklore in his historical novel set in the 13th century. It’s really interesting. The movie is based on a novel, but it captures all the creepiness of vampire stories.


  3. Kerry, great story about how the story all came about! I love it! I can really see Jeff Gerke posing that as a joke. I will have to pick it up, you’ve got my curiosity stoked. Loraine


    • Awesome, Loraine. Thanks! (On picking up the book.)

      As for the joke, in writers’ conferences Jeff typically mentioned the AViS title after stipulating that, unlike all the other Christian publishing houses, Marcher Lord Press wasn’t looking for bonnet and buggy romances…unless it was something with a title like…


  4. Congratulations to Juile D! She won an ebook copy of Amish Vampires in Space.

    Thank you to all who entered the contest. If I could afford to buy the book for all of you, I would. But alas, I haven’t won the lottery or published a bestseller, so you can’t count on me. 😉


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