Polish Your Brass

AltarItemsSaturday morning, I spent a few hours helping the Altar Guild polish the brass in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The candlesticks, candelabra, and snuffers/lighters comprised my part. Some of the items at my cleaning station, manned by several workers, had been in service for over 100 years.

All my life I’d admired how particularly beautiful the brass looked during those holidays on the altars of the various churches I attended. I often wondered if it was simply the spirit of the season causing them to glow so brightly.

Now I understand the great care that goes into polishing and bringing out their best.

A lot of people in our lives are like brass—hardworking and durable. True friends, devoted family members, selfless ministers, and supportive coworkers. They start out shiny when they’re new, like many new acquisitions. They glow in our eyes. We appreciate everything they do, and we show it.

As time passes, the shine dulls. We don’t notice it happening, because they’re the same dutiful people as before. They’re still our brass, working hard for us.

It’s time for me to give some people in my life the same loving attention I showed the brass. To stroke them, spiritually and emotionally if not physically, as though with a soft cloth to bring out their lustre. I’ll let them know they are just as valued as when they were new in my life.

And that I’m still thankful for them.

As Thanksgiving approaches, is there anyone in your life that you want to show more appreciation for?


4 thoughts on “Polish Your Brass

  1. One of my favorite chores as a little girl was polishing Mom’s spoons. She has a beautiful collection of souvenir spoons and many were silver. I love translating that into thanking those hard working servants in our lives.


  2. Linda, great analogy. Accepting Jesus’s love does make us feel brand new again. Thanks for the comment!


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