Melanie Dickerson tells all…with a Captive Maiden sneak peak

Melanie Dickerson, before we can talk, you’ve got to sign our author slam book!

Melanie adjustedNickname – A lot of my family calls me Mel, and my younger brother calls me Melly.
Genre – Historical Romance, Young Adult, fairy tale retellings
Personal Philosophy – If you obey God, things will go better for you.
Fave Scripture – Ephesians 5:2, because it encapsulates the gospel in one verse, and it even tells you what to do: Live a life of love. “Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.” (New Living Translation)
Fave Quote – I LOVE Winston Churchill quotes! Here’s just one: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
In high school I was a…  shy weirdo who read books all the time. I didn’t think I was weird, but most everybody else at my high school seemed to think so!

The Captive Maiden is the latest book by Melanie Dickerson. The cover is amazing, don’t you think? And the story is as well.

Just like her last three novels,The Healer’s Apprentice, The Merchant’s Daughter, and The Fairest Beauty, The Captive Maiden is a fairy-tale retelling. This time, it’s the story of Cinderella, set in Germany in the early 1400′s against the backdrop of castles, nights, and jousting. The hero of the novel, Valten Gerstenberg, is my favorite of Melanie’s heroes so far. There’s just something about his physical strength contrasted against his emotional vulnerability that makes you love him.

And to make the book even more refreshing, there’s a villain besides the evil step-mother, so while you expect that there will be a happily ever after, you’re not exactly sure how it will come about.

Here’s a sneak peek at the book just for you!

When Valten turned around, the girl was staring at him.

No wonder Ruexner had noticed her. Her eyes were a clear blue, without a hint of gray or green. Her features were bold and generous—long, thick eyelashes, a straight, proud nose, a full brow, a gently squared chin, and high, prominent cheekbones. Her skin fairly glowed, and he had to remind himself to breathe.

She seemed to be studying his face too. “Thank you.” She abruptly turned away and continued on her way as if nothing had happened.

He stood stunned. Should he call after her? He only knew he couldn’t let her walk away, so he followed her.

As she turned down the narrow street to the blacksmith’s, she looked over her shoulder. “Do you want something, my lord?” She added the last phrase with a bit of slyness in her voice, it seemed. She must realize who he was.

Never good at making conversation with maidens, he ransacked his brain for something appropriate to say. Another way Gabe had been better than him—talking with women. His brother always knew what to say, and it was always something charming or clever. Valten’s experience was much different. He’d had little time for women due to his travels and training, and most of the ones he’d met he’d only spoken to briefly. Their fathers had paraded them before him at balls given for the tournament knights, but he’d never known them long enough to feel comfortable. He had not been ready to marry, and therefore he had no interest in showing them how lacking he was in the art of conversation.

He hoped he didn’t sound like Ruexner as he said, “A fine destrier you have. He looks very much like my horse, Sieger.”

She turned and gave him her full attention. He marveled at her self-reliant expression, a unique trait in a woman, especially one who was less than twenty years old and obviously poor. Or maybe she was only eccentric, wearing ragged clothes to disguise herself, as he was doing.

“Thank you. He is a great horse.” Then she turned and continued walking.

He still wasn’t ready to let her go.

Excerpt used with permission. All rights reserved.

The great thing about The Captive Maiden and all of Melanie’s books is that they appeal to a wide variety of readers – fantasy buffs who like fairy tales, historical/romance readers, young adults, adults. If you’ve read any of Melanie’s previous books, you know you can expect a great story. It’s not like the tale of Cinderella is new, but I finished the book in 24 hours anyway because I didn’t want to put it down.

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Pre-order from

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25 thoughts on “Melanie Dickerson tells all…with a Captive Maiden sneak peak

  1. Thank you for the chance to win Melanie’s book. I’m really looking forward to reading it.


  2. And to celebrate the release of The Captive Maiden, my publisher reduced the price of all e-book formats of my three previous books to $1.99! So if you haven’t read them, now is the time to get them! 🙂 Thanks for helping me promote my book, Lisa!


    • That is a FANTASTIC price for your books! And what a great gift idea. Too bad it’s a little early for Christmas.

      Thanks for stopping by, Melanie. Your books are a pleasure to promote because they are SOOOOO good! 😀


  3. I would really love to read The Captive Maiden! It sounds like a really good book. 🙂


  4. That’s a great quote! I really need to read a biography on Churchill, the quotes I hear are so wise. (And B&N caught up with the sale so I nabbed what I was missing last night!)


  5. Cinderella is one of my favorite fairy tales and reading this excerpt I am hooked! Can’t wait for its release. I have Fairest Beauty and I am going to snap up your others. That’s a great deal!


  6. Grabbed The Fairest Beauty, thank for letting us know about the great prices! I loved your first two books, Melanie, can’t wait to get to The Captive Maiden! Thanks for the chance to win!


  7. Yes Please, Melanie’s books are epic, can’t wait to see more from her.


  8. Melanie’s books are definitely on my TBR list. Lisa’s reviews have moved them closer to the top!


  9. The Captive Maiden sounds like a fantastic book. Looking forward to reading it. Thank you for the opportunity of a giveaway.


  10. I have your other books and loved them. I can’t wait to read this one!


  11. This looks really good! I love fairy tales and fairy tale retellings. I will have to go grab the others while the prices are reduced! Melanie, your books were recommended to me at ACFW because I write in a similar genre, and I’m excited to check them out!


  12. I’m so looking forward to reading Melanie’s books….especially this one! 🙂


  13. I so wanted to be Cinderella when I was a little girl. Melanie’s story sounds great!


    • Hi, AJ! Thanks for following. And was it the cute mice that made you want to be Cinderella? LOL

      I think it’s every girls dream to wake up as a princess being swept off her feet by Prince Charming. *sigh


  14. I really enjoyed the excerpt, and thanks for the sale price tip!


  15. I am so excited for this book!! Melanie is my favourite author, the excerpt sounds really good! 🙂


  16. My daughter and I have read and very much enjoyed three of Melanie’s books and are looking forward to The Captive Maiden. It would be fun to win a copy here. Thanks for the chance.


  17. Melanie, I would love to win this book. it sounds good and sounds like I could share it with my teenage granddaughters. I am a follower of this blog, have shared on Facebook, and made my comment. Please put me in the drawing. Maxie


  18. I would absolutely LOVE to win this book!! I have read all of her others!


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