Love at First Sight?


She was a thing of beauty.

Her gloss glistened under the florescent lighting,
and she beckoned me to stop and stay awhile.
Her shape was nothing short of…breathtaking.

But there were others.
Some almost garish with color.
Others promising things out of this world.

I couldn’t help myself.
I added her and five others to my Chapters bag.
My husband would only shake his head at my secret obsession.

What attracts me to a book?

1) I do judge a book by a cover.
I believe it is the first promise that the author makes with the reader.
Check out Robert Treskillard’s newest cover.

Doesn’t it make you wonder…who is this girl???
And what about the cool looking sword???

2) The back cover copy is important to most readers.
I admit that I don’t always like to read it in advance as it often reveals too much from the story.
However, I was pulled in by R.J. Anderson’s sci-fi novel Ultraviolet‘s back cover.




You had me at hello… 😉

3) Finally, I do believe that it’s the inside beauty that counts more than the glossy exterior.
I will always crack open the book to the first page before making a commitment.
There I can find out if the author has got what it takes.
Usually it only takes a couple of lines.
Like the first line of Divergent by Veronica Roth:

“There is one mirror in my house.”

And so I must read on.

How about you? What makes you initially pick up a book? What book have you fallen in love with recently?

**If you are a follower of The Scriblerians blog AND you put a comment below you will be put in a drawing to win your choice of one of the three books mentioned in my blog post.**
CONTEST CLOSES on Saturday, October 12th. The winner will be announced on the Monday. 🙂

This post brought to you by the letter K and the number 3.14. 😉

Karen deBlieck

Karen deBlieck



8 thoughts on “Love at First Sight?

  1. While an attractive front cover is a plus, it’s not a deal-breaker for me. I have to read the blurb to make my decision.
    I just finished A Man Called Blessed by Bill Bright and Ted Dekker. I’m enthralled with the theme of “swimming in the ocean of God’s love.”


  2. It’s the cover that gets me first. And since I took a workshop on cover design, I find myself comparing every cover against what I learned. But I have to flip it over to see if my curiosity is piqued enough to crack the cover.


  3. I also judge books by their cover, at least initially. And I really depend on the blurbs on the back, which is why nothing drives me up the wall like bookstores that put a large sticker smack over the paragraph! But I almost never open the book and start reading – or if I do, I’m actually more likely to read the very last sentence rather than the first. Lately, with the glut of YA on the market, after I notice a book and am sufficiently intrigued, I go read a few reviews on Amazon before I decide to invest. Unless it’s by a favorite author – once I am a fan, I don’t much care what the cover, blurb or reviews say – I’m reading it out of loyalty.


    • True sparksofember! Once I trust an author then anything goes. 🙂 I also check it out on Amazon a lot lately and use the law of averages. I often read the worst reviews first to gauge whether or not the disgruntled grievances are something that would bother me. Thanks for stopping by!


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