the maze runner by james dashner

I’m addicted to dystopian fiction. I don’t know what it is about the genre, perhaps it’s some sort of morbid fascination for how things can go terribly wrong, perhaps it’s the rush from trying to figure out what is really going on, or maybe it’s because the world we live in is dystopic, but these types of books hook me. And apparently I’m not the only one, because these types of books are popular right now for young adult and adult audiences alike.

The Maze Runner is different than your recent garden variety dystopia in that the characters are all male (with one exception) and it’s set in a big maze (shocker, right?). None of the characters can remember what happened before they got to the maze. A structured society forms a la Lord of the Flies, along with some colorful made-up swear words (klunk, shank, etc.) with the same level of graphic/scary violence present in The Hunger Games.

In my opinion, this is a guy’s book. I read it, enjoyed it, and I’ll get to the rest of the series eventually, but not as much as I have other dystopians. The plot was as good, the writing was fine, and the mystery was intriguing, yet I plodded through the book. In the same way Catcher in the Rye didn’t really appeal to me but my husband loved it, The Maze Runner was somewhat lost on me. That’s why I contend it’s a guys’ book.

So let’s hear from you: ) 


5 thoughts on “the maze runner by james dashner

  1. I’d have to read it to decide if I think it appeals to both. But while books are often marketed or pushed toward one specific gender, it’s pretty common for the actual readers to be both.

    I used to really like dystopians but I think I’m getting overwhelmed by them. So many are being written for the sake of being dystopian whereas I think I prefer dystopian societies to be a logical backdrop to an actual story rather than the plot revolving or hinging on “dystopianism”.


  2. My fellow Scriblerians are teaching me to appreciate dystopian stories and this one sounds very interesting. I love how creative dystopian world-building is! I like reading books with guy main characters because I like getting into their heads, seeing how their brains work differently than females. My guess is both guys and girls would enjoy it ,but I can’t vote until I read it, so I’m putting it on my to-be-read list !


  3. I’ve read the trilogy, and my favorite is number 2 SCORCH TRIALS. This particular novel gets into the “nitty gritties” of Dashner’s mythology. You could probably skip the first novel and start with the second, and find #2 more interesting. It also has zombies in it too.


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